Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Current Issues

Super Tuesday.

Often times, I'm not sure what's so super about it.  As I sit here writing, my daughter has the flu and I, once again, have some sort of a respiratory thing going on. 

Not being at work gives me time to reflect.  

I was raised in  a very active political family.  My parents went to the caucuses.  My mom was a polling judge, more then once.  They even attended a governor's ball, back in the day.  I can still see the beautiful high heels my mom wore for the occasion.  To me, she was almost like Cinderella going to the ball.  I loved those shoes.  I loved my parents.

I hated politics.

You see, my family used to enjoy having lengthy (and loud) "discussions" on the issues and nominees.  I recall many nights lying in my bed upstairs listening to my parents and brothers going back and forth and on and on.  My young heart would flutter and my body would tense as voices were raised and a fist or two were pounded on the table.  A few times, I cried myself to sleep.

But they assured me, every morning, they were only chatting and they loved the debates.  Well, I didn't love them.  I hated them.

Now, as an adult, I understand their passion.  While I would rather not "yell or rant," I do have my opinions. I have found my passion for this country I love so much.  Yes, I LOVE my country.  

Observing social media, I am once again, listening to those most memorable "debates" around our family dining room table. So many opinions flying to and fro.  I don't mind, until the name calling starts. Or someone tries using fear to sway my opinion. Or tells me I am not a Christian if I vote for (fill in the blank).  Or that I am a hater because I won't vote for (fill in the blank).  My family didn't do that. At least not that I heard.  They often times disagreed, but in the end, they loved each other.

All I'm going to do is encourage you all to do your homework then get out there and vote.  That's where I'm headed now...

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