Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ahhh...Spring Break

I'll admit it.
I usually look forward to spring break.

But not quite like this year.
It was a rather challenging week at work.

We'll just say it involved some body fluids,
and a few physical entanglements.

Ahh, yes, the life of a para.
Comes with the territory.

While I love my job,
I admittedly  get a bit tired some days.

But I can never wait to go back for more.

It is equally, if not more interesting
being the parent of special needs (adult) children.

My daughter and I headed to the store
Friday after work.

The car is always a nice place
to chat about our days.

She was happily telling me about
all of the things she did at work that day.

The girl loves her job.
I'm so happy she does.

Back to our chat.
After listing off a long string of things she did at work,
she came to her final assignment.

As she was chattering away,
I almost lost control of the car
as I wasn't sure I was hearing her right
as she told me excitedly,
"And then I filled the condoms!"

WHOA! "What did you say?
You filled the condoms?"
Her ever so innocent response,
"Yea, you know,
the stuff you put on hot dogs
and hamburgers?"

" mean you
filled the CONDIMENTS?"
"Yea, Mom!"

Wow.  That was scary.
But I love being her Mom!

I just never know what
my days will entail.
And I wouldn't have it
any other way.


  1. Hahaaaa! She sounds adorable!
    And I wish I could retire!

  2. Hi Jill
    OMCs mom just was thinking about you the other day...Ohhhhh my and here you are commenting on our blog today. She was thinking about all your beautiful photography and your barns. We hope you and your children are well. We have your new blog bookmarked
    Hugs all around Madi and Cecilia

  3. PS we were so happy to see your blog we meant to say.
    LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLO Condiments. When my girl was a wee one she misunderstood a Kenny Rogers record. She thought he said Ruby was leaving him with 400 kids...why would anyone have 400 on and so on. finally I said honey he said 4 hungry kids. Well that started another round or why were they hungry.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Oh I missed your sense of humour my dear long lost friend. Thanks for dropping by. Looks and sounds like you are well. That makes me happy. HUGS B

  5. awwwww Jill, thanks for stopping by. Nice to see you today, do you have a more current blog? I hope you are well!!

  6. Have you given up blogging - I remember you. So I will take a picture - I am ma king it on Thursday or Friday!