Saturday, February 20, 2016

Are You Sure it was Friday?

I sleepily padded down the stairs yesterday morning.
I was elated, I had the day off.
Doesn't get much better then a Friday off from work!

Wait.  What am I seeing? 
The freezer door is wide open!
I quickly raced to its aid,
hoping, hoping it had just magically popped open.

Sigh. I began to smell something.
Something quite unpleasant.
My hopes were dashed.
I had a mess.
A huge mess.

I straightened my shoulders.
Grabbed a couple of garbage bags.
Plugged my nose and dove in.
I can do this.

That mess behind me, I went a long with my day.
A rather nice day,
in spite of the February rain.

Then IT happened!
I heard a faint meowing.
Sounded like our new kitten.
Then I heard scratching.
It was coming from under me.
Or rather, under the couch where I was sitting!

I popped up and looked underneath.
There she was.
Come on kitty.  Here Martha.
Kissy sounds, kissy sounds.
She cried.
And poked her head out at me.

She was stuck.  
IN the couch.  My year old couch.
I bribed her.
Consoled her.
Pulled her.
I. Couldn't. Get. Her. Out.

Daughter is behind me.
Crying out,
"Mom, help her!"
We flipped the couch,
on it's side,
on it's back,
and on it's side again.

To avoid shear panic,
I took the phone outside.
To take a break.
To think.

And there he was.
Like a shining angel.
My knight in shining armor.
My neighbor.

I quickly blurted out my dilemma.
Asked if he had heavy duty wire cutters.
He said he thought he had just what I needed.
I held my breath as he disappeared into his garage.
He came up the hill,
with BOLT cutters in hand.
They glimmered in the evening sun.

Into the house, I ran!
Snip, snip, snip.
Out she came!
I saved her!
I was a hero!
She'd love me and appreciate me forever,
I thought, as she pranced right past me,
to her toy.
No gratitude from her.

Now, my only concern was the couch.
I tested it out.
I didn't fall through.
My bed called to me.
A couple of Tylenol and off I went.

I reached over to set the alarm.
It's not Monday.  
But it sure felt like a Monday.

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